Welcome to my journey, Photography has been my thirst for over two decades. I live and breathe through taking pictures. I can't imagine doing anything else since I love to express emotions, not only through words but through the art of photography. As many artists, we all have our own unique style. I consider my style to be telling a story; with candid shots being my most cherished as I believe it captures the true essence of a moment that tells a tale! My photography also has a classic elegance that stays true to the capture. I like to freeze moments in time, for that time will never be again

I have studied darkroom, film, and digital photography. I take workshops to stay up to date and to learn new techniques, as you can never learn enough! Truly I believe that going out to the world and capturing the beauties of life is where I get the most experience.
A little about my personality... I'm versatile, fun and very outgoing. Growing up in three different countries and working in customer service for over twenty years, makes me a perfect candidate for working well with others. I adore people, and I love celebrating them by capturing those moments that will last a lifetime. My energy and enthusiasm shine right through me when I photograph, along with my eagerness. Everyone can acknowledge that I'm loud, and just super fun, but I am also a bit of control freak which makes me a super hard worker. I seek perfection, but I am very humble at it.
I'm looking forward to meeting you, to freeze your moment. Tell your story thru my lens. Let's sit down over a drink of your choice, and share your vision and your unique tale of love, family or passion and let's turn it into a piece of your art.