Cameo and Novalee

I met this beautiful mother just a few months ago, and I rather she share of her stories I am just learning about her.

It was a fun and as always not expected session at a park.

Sometimes the most powerful signs of beauty and strength are the results of the darkest and most damaging storms. Seven years ago, I lost my first child. While I might have been too young to have been the best mother, it doesn’t take away from the pilgrimage I make to the South when I can to tell her how much I love her. I know she can hear me, and I know she knows I love her more than anything.

There is nothing in the world that can replace her, but I’ve been blessed to have two beautiful children since that are my world. 

They aren’t perfect…and the relationship from which they were created ended up being the opposite of perfect. Trauma, lies, deception…they were all present before, during and after these angels came into my life. But it has made US stronger. Strong enough to leave. Strong enough to start a new life in a new city. Strong enough to look into my beautiful baby’s eyes and not see what she has had to deal with, but the amazing life she is fortunate to have because WE have strength. Her beauty is a result of our strength. And she will only get more beautiful as WE get stronger.