Jessie and Nick


This session is by far one of the most adventurous once yet. Jessie and Nick are a lovely couple! I know they will never forget this day.  Our start of the session began the adventure when we ran into a Coyote, or some might even think it was a red wolf. We took some amazing shots around Rattle Snake Lake then proceeded to hike up to the ledge. We barely made it for sunset. Took fast shots on top of the ledge knowing we will be hiking back in the total dark, and we did. The hike down was scary, we only had one light source, my phone. Jessie did not bring a good pair of hiking shoes, and her little feet where hurting her so Nick being such gentleman gave her his own shoes and walked bare foot down the mountain. I was walking ahead, and at some points could not see  anything in front of me.  I took a wrong step and fell off the steep side of the trail. By the grace of God, I was stopped by a tree. Never once letting go of my gear, hahahahaha. We made it out just fine, and had a great laugh about it all. A day that we will never forgot. Please enjoy this wonderful session, with Jessie and Nick. I am thrilled to capture their wedding in three months. These two make such great pair, my heart melted to see how they took care of one another on this drama full adventure.