Melanie is ALL woman! She is warm hearted, beautiful, her personality is charming but above all these things, Melanie is a total TOMBOY. Her early childhood started in Maui which brings out her ALOHA spirit, and outgoing personality.  At four years of age she moved to the PNW with her parents,  sisters, and brothers. This is where Melanie took on sports and the adventures we PNW peeps like to do. One of her biggest things we know Melanie for doing is for playing with the Seattle Mist and for pulling crazy stunts on her dirt bike. One of the stories Melanie shared with me is when her father used to put her on his motorcycle in the middle of the night, and they would go pull stunts, and go off jumps under the stars. It was like magic, she says. Lets not stop there,  her MOTHER also rides a Harley, which is really telling of her daring side. Among playing football, and pulling stunts on her bike, she used to play pitch, run track, and tennis. So yes Melanie is a tomboy, but as woman just like many women, she wants to feel feminine, sexy and be delicate so I wanted to capture that side of her. This photo shoot was more of a portrait styled session.  In this shoot it was my duty to make that lady in her come out. I wanted to make her feel, and see the grace in herself.  Melanie told me she doesn’t typically feel very feminine, but she is very comfortable with that.  After seeing the images,  she was really blown away how incredibly feminine she felt, as she has never seen her self in this light before. When she said those words I knew I did my job. Melanie shines in each image, as she shows total grace, and femininity. I hope you enjoy this styled session as much as we both did.