One location-  30 minutes- and one fun lady

 I keep choosing Melanie for when I feel I need to step up my game. In this business it is all about getting better,  trying new things. Mel,  I call her on demand, because she is so exciting, easy,  and ready every time I call. Typically when I have an idea and I have to get it out. It has to be done, period.   Seriously, I call this girl up, and say hey I need to go shoot,  practice something new, and try new edits. Mel is there in 3o min. Melanie is also very photogenic as well, along with many talents she holds. Mostly I appreciate her support, and eagerness to help me out when I just need to go and photograph. Mel chose this location. There was really not much there, yet that is my goal. Work with what you got available. I can only grow from more photo taking, and using what space is available to us in a short time frame. I appreciate you girl. I  must add, I have shot her a few times, many of you  probably remember her form my storm session. One of those images was published it was so great, may I add also last minute, I just had a grand idea in my head. The coolest thing about it all is I will send her an image, a style, an outfit and this girl will run to a goodwill, or whatever is near, and will match it up to the tee of what I was looking for. Props to my girl. This is more of a styled shoot. I hope you like it. Thanks guys.