Thunder Storm

Melanie did it again and with her luck she got the storm one more time. It was a sunny day, and as typical I got the itch to shoot. The day started so warm, and bright,  just a wonderful day in Seattle. I was taking my daily stroll on the beach with my dogs as I saw the storm clouds roll in. I was planning on just relaxing today, taking a break from starring at the screen, and social media.  Suddenly the roar came, and lightning was hitting just over Vashon Island. luckily I got a really cool image of the lightning itself on my iPhone.  I was left with no choice but to run home and grab my gear.  On the fast walk home, I call Mel to see if she wants to play in the rain, she was in between jobs but yet had 30 minutes for me as always, this girl is dedicated to making me happy. LOL.  She is just straight out of the shower wet hair and all, I have not showered yet, hahahahaha. We ran to the beach and just went for it. No plan again. In the end I think I screamed a few times, the thunder blast and lightning where just to close for my comfort. As we stood there soaking wet in the end, it was exactly what I needed to do today. Play outside in the rain. For us it was magic, and a total blast.

Melanie is wearing beautiful jewelry designed by my cousin Mirek Gomolka. You guys can check out his work on Instagram at Modernart999.